Blueberry Cobbler Fragrance Oil
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Brand: GAC Wholesale
Product Code: blueberry-cobbler-1oz

Scent Description: This is the delicious scent of blueberry blend with orange and vanilla. The fragrance is sweet and soft inviting you to relax, close your eyes and imagine the most perfect moment of your life.


Our Fragrance Oils are manufactured with only the finest "Natural" and "Synthetic" ingredients that can be found.  Most of the "Synthetic Ingredients" used in our oils are made from natural materials and are refined and processed further to bring out the purest and strongest fragrance possible.  All of our oils are pure and "Uncut".  You won't find any deluted or watered down fragrances. (Some other companies dilute their fragrances with a "carrier oil" to increase their profits.  Most of our fragrances are completely free of "Diethyl Phthalates" (DEP).  These fragrances are the same fragrances used in all of our products.  We wouldn't offer you, our customer, any product that we wouldn't use ourself.

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