Tangerine Essential Oil - 10ml
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Tangerine Oil - Cold Pressed

An essential oil sourced from the United States or Argentina, where it is cold pressed from the peel of fresh tangerines and maintains the full flavor and odor of fresh tangerines. Tangerines and Mandarins belong to the Rutaceae (Orange) family and smell similar with subtle differences. When compared to sweet orange oil, the Tangerine oil is lighter with sweeter notes. Tangerine oil is 100% pure with a sweet, tangy scent. Tangerine oil is classified as a top note essential oil and is sought after for its refreshing and uplifting fragrance. It is a desired ingredient in the soaping industry and used in perfumes, lotions, toiletries and various cosmetic, hair and skin care products or enjoyed in diffusers. This oil is phototoxic so it should not be used in sun care products.

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